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The Glowline Opens on Norfolk's Elizabeth River Trail

The first-of-its-kind luminous trail on the East Coast

NORFOLK, Va., Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation is celebrating the completion of The Glowline, a path embedded with glow-in-the-dark stones from the Canadian company Ambient Glow Technology. The Glowline is the fourth luminous trail in the U.S. and the first on the East Coast.

The Glowline is located on a section of the Elizabeth River Trail that runs through Jeff Robertson Park in Norfolk's West Ghent neighborhood. Light-sensitive aggregate stones are embedded in a freshly poured 12-foot-wide concrete trail. During the day, the stones retain a natural color and slowly absorb sunlight to power their glow. As the sun sets, the stones begin to glow an intense green, and a botanical pattern, inspired by the fiddlehead ferns in the nearby bird sanctuary, emerges. The intensity of the glow fades slowly throughout the night to begin a natural recharging cycle with each sunrise. The stones have a glow life expectancy of 20 years.

Taylor Construction installed this newest amenity for the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation. Timmons Group engineered The Glowline, and Work Program Architects designed the fiddlehead fern stencil pattern outlined by the stones. The Glowline is funded through a capital campaign and the generous lead sponsorships of Elizabeth River Crossings, operators of the Downtown and Midtown Tunnels and PRA Group.

Glowing paths are an energy efficient and magical alternative to traditional lighting. They are also effective to increase safety and offer an alternative way to light paths at night.

"We are glowing with excitement over this truly special and unique feature on the trail," said Kindra Greene, executive director of the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation. "We can't wait to celebrate with the community and thank our sponsors that made this possible. We hope this brings more attention to the work of the Foundation, the beauty of the Elizabeth River Trail and the memories that can be made in outdoor spaces."

"As a company, we are really prioritizing our environmental, social and governance impact in the local community," said Anna Bonet, CEO of Elizabeth River Crossings. "The health of the Elizabeth River and the vitality of this trail that surrounds it are very important to us. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a part of this one-of-a-kind project."

"Since its founding in 1996, PRA Group has supported more than 100 nonprofit organizations in the communities in which we live and work," said Giovanna Genard, PRA Group's vice president of external affairs and marketing leader. "We are honored to join the Elizabeth River Trail in making an impact through a project that promotes both sustainability and health right here in Norfolk, Virginia, where our global company is headquartered."

About the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation
The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation's mission is to create an inclusive and resilient urban riverfront trail that connects and inspires people and businesses in the Hampton Roads region. The Elizabeth River Trail runs 10.5 miles through businesses, historic attractions and 28 neighborhoods within a five-minute walk. The multi-use trail is designed for walking, running and biking. It comprises 11 sections from Norfolk State University, through Downtown Norfolk an Old Dominion University to NIT Terminals along the Elizabeth River. The Foundation has completed multiple new unique and award-winning amenities, including a kayak launch, play sculpture and double turbo challenge course in Plum Point Park and most recently, The Glowline. Major sponsors include Sentara and the City of Norfolk. For more information, visit

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