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City of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Partners with MuniServices to Provide Open Government Technology

NORFOLK, Va., May 19, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The City of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has partnered with MuniServices, LLC, a business of PRA Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRAA), to provide EZTransparency™, a user-friendly, interactive tool to help citizens quickly visualize and understand complex city budgets. 

Offered by MuniServices to support the White House Open Government Initiative, EZTransparency™ enables council members, municipal staff and taxpayers to quickly understand city spending by providing searchable and downloadable information about the city's budget.

"Municipal budgets are often presented in large, static PDF files that can be extremely difficult to navigate," said Patrick Scott, vice president of Muni East and subsidiary IT. "EZTransparency™ provides a simple, intuitive interface that allows citizens to drill down into the budget and see exactly where their tax dollars are being spent."

"The city's current process involves posting a budget document on the city's website in PDF format, which is not easy to read or user-friendly, and contains layers of budget information," said Scranton business administrator David M. Bulzoni. "As a result of a request for proposal process, we selected MuniServices to implement EZTransparency™ because the city was seeking the most efficient tool on a cost-effective basis to maximize budget transparency for citizens."

EZTransparency™ is an economical solution that creates and hosts a transparent budget from a municipality's PDF files, with no city finance staff, IT resources or technology integrations required. EZTransparency™ also provides a searchable check register to minimize open records requests.

In July 2015, EZTransparency™ was featured in the U.S. Conference of Mayors Business Council Best Practice Report, which noted that the technology platform maximizes transparency at all levels of government and increases participation in the budget process.

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